A Wood Awakening Love Edition by Juce Gace (PRE-ORDER)

$ 199.95

Artist/Brand Mighty Jaxx

Remember the little wooden puppet whose dream was to be a real boy? Having his dream fulfilled, he thought to himself again – now that he's a real boy, what else can he ask for? Although his pants were full, his heart always felt empty, and the boy does not know why. So he went to sleep wishing that he could fill that hole... Then came one fine morning...

When the boy woke up and stretched in front of the mirror as usual, he saw that his pyjamas had completely transformed! His PJs were in various shades of pink, with heart-shapes all over and pink nightcap to match! The boy was once again surprised but this time, he found the answer! All he needed was LOVE!!

10" (25cm) Vinyl Art Collectible
Limited Edition of 500.

Size: 10" inches

Estimated arrival: July 2019