A Wood Awakening Chill-Out First Kiss Edition (PRE-ORDER)

$ 169.95

Artist/Brand Mighty Jaxx

Cupid strikes when one is least prepared! It’s Valentine’s Day, and the puppet-turned-real-boy seems to be acting a little odd. Wearing pink overalls with hearts all over, he sits on the ground, looking completely lovestruck.

Alas, it appears that he has just gotten his first real kiss! What was left behind from the unexpected kiss was more than just butterflies in his stomach and a lasting blush. Things turn awkward as his trousers start to rise...Weak in his knees, he sits in a daze, with his pants bulging at the thought of his first kiss...

Here's what we're more curious about - who did he share his first kiss with?

Limited Edition.

Size: 7.1" inches (19.5cm)

Estimated arrival: Aug 2021