Berserk: Guts Berserker Armor 1/6 Scale Figure (PRE-ORDER)

$ 229.95

Artist/Brand threezero

From the popular manga series, BerserkGuts comes in his Berserker armor as a collectible 1:6 scale articulated action figure utilizing a customized body which has over 50 points of articulation. The 13-inch tall figure is constructed of quality plastic, and the cloak is made of fabric. Threezero's notable detailed paint works with weathering effects are applied to highlight all the details. The Guts Berserker Armor figure includes many interactive features to increase play-ability. Guts comes with total of 2 pieces of interchangeable head parts: a sane head and a Beast of Darkness head. The Beast of Darkness head has LED light-up features at the eyes (requires 3x "AG-1" batteries which are not included). It also comes with total of 2 pieces of interchangeable expression parts that can be used for both the sane head and Beast of Darkness head: a closed mouth expression and gnashing teeth expression. Equipment includes Guts' Dragon Killer sword, and a fabric cloak with wires inside at the edges. The cloak can easily be attached and detached by magnet.

The Berserk Guts Berserker Armor 1:6 Scale Action Figure comes with the following accessories:

  • 1x Pair of fists
  • 1x Pair of gripping hands
  • 1x Pair of claw hands
  • 1x Left hand in cannon mode
  • 1x Left hand for touching the ground

Size: 13" inches

Estimated arrival: Jan 2021