Bitchy Rich MADNESS Edition by ABCNT

$ 79.95

Artist/Brand Mighty Jaxx

Remember Bitchy Rich? The infamous loudmouth is back and not just rich, but is also now the MAD Clown in Chief or Liar in Chief! To better suit his twisted tales, he has changed his appearance — bleached chalk-white skin, money-green hair, and his face plastered with a devilish Glasgow smile. His bow tie is in a dark shade to match his heart, ready for all sorts of shady business. Love him for all the wrong reasons or hate him to the core, he is here to stay for good (and evil).

Designed by ABCNT and produced by Mighty Jaxx.

  • 8" / 20cm Vinyl Art Collectible
  • Sealed Bag with Printed Card Header
  • Limited edition

Size: 8" inches