Maneki-Dino Yellow Edition by Juce Gace (PRE-ORDER)

$ 119.95

Artist/Brand MightyJaxx

The ever-popular Maneki-Dino is back! We've seen him green, we've seen him in red, and now we see him in yellow! A colour of optimism and happiness, let the yellow Maneki-Dino bring joy and happiness into your life with his lively paint-job and subtle smile. Never leaving his side, his favourite pet mushroom dons a fresh shade of green.

Continuing to bring bling to the art of chillaxing with his gold ingot and star studded shoes, this handsome dinosaur rocks any room he sits in.

  • 8" (20cm) Vinyl Art Collectible
  • Blister Packed in Printed Box

Estimated arrival: Dec 2019