Smart Bomb Pink Edition by Jason Freeny (PRE-ORDER)

$ 149.95

Artist/Brand Mighty Jaxx

The original Smart Bomb design was first hand-sculpted by Jason Freeny himself in 2013, using epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic paint and a thick piece of rope. Earlier on in March 2018, we have proudly recreated the Smart Bomb as a vinyl art collectible, the entire release was quickly snapped up in a few days!

This week, we are detonating the second colourway of this bombastic toy – Smart Bomb Pink Edition! This new version of the classic Smart Bomb creates an entirely different mood in contrary to the original black Smart Bomb. The visceral pink makes it look more like a brain rather than a bomb, and while the colour is softer and cuter, it's ironically more disturbing. And we like it that way! This large vinyl bomb can be displayed on a Mighty Jaxx exclusive display base with a copper-look plaque.

Size: 10" inches

Estimated arrival: Nov 2018