Darumario by Juce Gace (PRE-ORDER)

$ 129.95

Artist/Brand Mighty Jaxx

Need to break your video-game racing records? Let Darumario help! Don't let his roly-poly physique fool you, he is an expert racer who never flips over on the racing tracks. Inspired by the Japanese Daruma dolls that always stay upright no matter how you push them, Darumario's never-give-up spirit made him the legendary winner that he is today!

Darumario attributes his victories not only to his unquestionable skills, but also his..."revvishing" good looks. He wears his initial "D" on his head, and stars on his jumpsuit to mark his star-studded career. With determination written on his face, Darumario is ready to win again!

Size: 7" inches

Estimated arrival: Sep 2019