Hambuddha by Tik Ka From East (PRE-ORDER)

$ 174.95

Artist/Brand Mighty Jaxx

"Eat them burgers, for fast food is the fastest path to the Pure Land" – Hambuddha

From the brilliant mind of Hong Kong artist Tik Ka From East, comes Hambuddha, originating from his "Eat Good West" painting series. This concept came from the artist's idea that fast food is responsible for speeding up our journey to Sukhavati, the Pure Land, which is the place that we go to after we pass away.

Hambuddha may look like a regular Buddha sculpture from the back, with a halo around his head, but turn him around and you'll be surprised! He wears clown-like make up and has bright red hair, reminding us of a famous fast food mascot. He holds a pearl-shaped hamburger in his hand and sits in a single lotus position on a deliciously golden-brown lotus throne.  

Hambuddha sits 8" tall, is made from vinyl, and comes in a limited edition of 300 pcs only. Bring this meaningful and humorous figure home today!

Size: 8" inches

Estimated arrival: July 2018