Original Aleppin Sane Vinyl Rabbit by Jermaine Rogers

$ 54.95

Artist/Brand Plastic City Toys

Based on the iconic 2008 tour print for the Foo Fighters, as well as the art print of the same name, the 'Aleppin Sane' vinyl figure is now available! Measuring 8 inches tall, this bust is designed to exist in any environment and radiate cosmic, rock-and-roll zen. A Small amount of these figures were initially released a few years ago.

After much work, Jermaine Rogers stepped in to bring the rest of the editions stateside. For the first time, it is being made widely available. 1 in 10 of the regular edition figures will contain a limited edition 'Aleppin Sane' screen print, signed by Jermaine Rogers!

(While in storage in China, the corner surfaces inside/underneath the top lid of certain boxes began to discolor and age. The effects are minor, cannot be seen on the outside of the box, and do not affect the figure in any way. All boxes are not affected and most buyers will not notice: we note this information in the interest of transparency.)

SIZE: 8 inches