Vintage Kaibutsu-kun Set by Popy

$ 999.95

Artist/Brand Popy

This awesome, vintage set was originally released in the 70's, based on the popular characters from the Japanese anime, Kaibutsu-kun.

Kaibutsu-kun is a rambunctious prince of Kaibutsu Land. On the day of succession to the throne, he is ordered to go to the world of humans by the King of Kaibutsu Land for ascetic training. Kaibutsu-kun and his attendants, Dracula, Wolfman, and Franken, travel to the world of humans and encounter several monsters or humans belonging to the demon group led by Demorina who tries to set the prince of demon back on track and take over the world.

Kaibutsu-Kun - a little boy who can metamorph

Dracula - He drinks tomato juice instead of human blood

Wolfman - The housekeeper and also a cook. He puts "gansu" at the end of every sentence.

Franken - Like his Hollywood counterpart, he's big, and not too smart.

SIZE: 2.5 inches - 8 inches

CONDITION: This is a VERY old set, but in MINT condition. Franken has some marks on his sleeve, jacket and pants due to how figures were stored in box (see pic 3). Franken also has wear on back of jacket from being stored in box (see pic 7). Box in excellent condition, but shows signs of age.