Furr Fwenz: Sesame Street Blind Box

$ 19.99

Artist/Brand Mighty Jaxx

Come meet the Furr Fwenz!

We're excited to introduce a new blindbox collection of flocked figures, the Furr Fwenz: Sesame Street! Featuring our favourite Sesame Street characters, all paired with their favourite accessory and flocked for a wonderful in-hand feel, this blindbox collection is truly like no other! With 6 regular Furr Fwenz, 2 rare and 1 ultra-rare Furr Fwenz, will you be the lucky one with all 9 characters?

Increase your chances of completing the collection when you order a tray of 12. When you order a tray of 12, you get the beautiful display tray.

Bring home the Furr Fwenz: Sesame Street blindbox collection of flocked toys and experience endless imaginative fun with your new best fwenz!

Size: 4" inches (10cm)