HUMPek Rose Gold Edition by Whatshisname

$ 199.95

Artist/Brand Mighty Jaxx

Guess who's back at it?

HUMPek returns in an exquisite Rose Gold colourway! HUMPek's penchant for copulation has brought them to many different places in the world. Getting down and dirty in private jets, to doing it all over the Mighty Jaxx office, the spacious back of a Rolls Royce, and in the grand suites of the Shangri-La; the more premium the better for the hot and bothered pair.

So pop that champagne and get down on your knees, a night of "ruff" love making awaits. The chic and sophisticated HUMPek (Rose Gold) is the touch of class you need for your dirtiest deeds.

  • 10" (25cm) Tall Vinyl Art Collectible

Size: 10" inches